Invest in yourself to unlock true happiness.

Discovering and making the most of your talents can help in work relationships, personal relationships, and with achieving your goals.


When you understand where you are talented, you have greater self-awareness and confidence when dealing with individual circumstances.


If you are a physician and are able to turn your talents into strengths, you can improve the transitions you might face throughout your career. 

teams & Managers

When organizations enable strengths-based development, there is increased engagement among the entire team and a natural strengthening of the company’s goals. 

My goal is to help people see the value they bring to the world based upon who they are. This empowers them to approach obstacles with more confidence and focus on solutions.

Amber Stitt Gallup Certified Strengths Coach


in yourself

You’ll first meet with the Crisp team for a consultation in order to determine the next steps based upon your goals.


your strengths

Once the next steps are defined, you’ll meet with your Coach to unlock ways to develop your strengths.


with confidence

Learning about yourself and applying these skills is a lifelong process. We will determine ways to help you develop your talents and implement these strengths into your life.

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